Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Last night was the reunion class with the families who took childbirth classes with us. We came in to get back together and to share our birth/horror stories with the current parents-to-be. Our babies were all due within days of each other and were born within 1 month between March 25 and April 25.
When we were taking the classes, we were all quiet, exhausted parents-to-be fighting to stay up all the way to 9 O'clock once a week. Last night, everyone was excited and chatty, eager to show off our beautiful children.
Despite being so close in age, the babies really vary in size. The oldest baby,Gracie, is also the smallest at just 10 pounds. I was humbled in my complaints about how big Jackson is. AJ, who was born 10.5 pounds, weighed over 18 pounds at his 2 month appointment. He looks it. I expect Jackson to come in at a paltry 15 pounds when he hits the scales next week.
For expectant parents, the concensus is: Don't be induced. It's a rough way to go and is apparently very likely to end with an unplanned C-section. Pay attention when you learn the breathing exercises. You may laugh at the illustrations of pushing positions, but the more ridiculous looking ones are also the more effective.
When you take your babies home, make sure you have on hand: A breast pump if you plan to breastfeed, you will probably need this right away. A front carrier, wrap, or sling so that you can have hands free as you pack the baby around outside of your body, but still occupying the same space in the front of your torso. A bouncy seat so you can set the baby down and shower. And a well stocked freezer, there'll be no time for meal prep.

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