Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome Evelyn Rose

Introducing our baby girl, Evelyn Rose Dodge.  Born January 3, 2012, 3:23 pm -- 8 lbs, 7 oz -- 21 inches

"Evelyn" a grown up name with the sweet nickname "Evie", and "Rose" a family name from both Jason and my family.  Rose Winski was Jason's grandmother who was well loved by all in his family.  Rose Fox was my great aunt, the favorite of my mother and her sisters (who would have liked to pass her name on, but were unable to because they didn't have enough daughters or it clashed with the last name or whatever reason).  I remember visiting her home when I was very young and playing with her toys, but she passed away when I was only 5, so my own memory of her is very thin and fragmented.

So far, Evelyn has been a very content child who sleeps much of the day and much of the night.  During the in between times (7-11 am and 5-10 pm) she eats frequently and between eating is happy to snuggle in her parents' arms or to settle onto her bed or swing.  This is a very helpful quality in a child who has 2 brothers who need to eat or be dressed or snuggled during those same times, and patience is a quality that will still be useful when she's grown.

Evie has her daddy's dark hair, right now fuzzy and unruly, but sure to be tamed as it lengthens.  She has her mother's blue-grey eyes.  Maybe they'll change into the sky blue eyes of both her grandfathers or even the hazel eyes of her father, but for now they are momma's eyes.  Evelyn's fingers and toes are oh so long and slender.  They are neither her mother's hands nor her father's.  I think they might've come from her Nana and her Nana's mother.  I've been joking that she has giant kangaroo feet, and they are so long that her knit newborn baby booties had to be stretched onto her feet.  Today she most resembles her daddy and her brother Jackson, but that could change as well.

Speaking of big brothers, they adore her.  Jackson is anxious to teach her about the world.  He brings her objects to show her how they work or play.  He thinks she is the cutest baby ever to live, and so he calls her "Cute" instead of "Evie".  Jonah loves rubbing her fuzzy head, always rubbing her fuzzy head.  He's only now starting to develop some of the toddler jealousy, but not enough to over ride his urge to rub her fuzzy head.

Thanks to everyone who has wished us well.  We are overjoyed to have Evelyn join our family.