Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chicken whispering

Our chicken flock has been reduced to just 2 old ladies (6 and 8). Champagne is broody and won't leave the coop, Peaches is free ranging, alone and sad. We've just gotten 21 baby chicks. The kids are all smitten. Especially Jonah, who has made a connection to his chicken Rocky.  Everyday they ask to hold the baby chicks.
The babes were just moved outside, and Jackson is stepping up as their care taker. He rushes out early every morning to let them outside. Every night he catches them and puts them inside. It rained this evening, and with no prompting, Jackson was outside in the wet muck, rounding up chicks to make sure they stayed dry and safe.
He's also taken a liking to Peaches. He grabs her and holds her and talks to her. Today, he took her for rides down the slide. She's been incredibly docile about it. I think she's secretly terrified and playing dead instead of struggling.
I'm really proud of Jackson for taking on this responsibility.
I should also mention Evie. She overcame a deathly chicken fear (brought on by the vicious neighbor rooster). She'll go out to help Jackson with the roundup. Last night, she caught at least 6 of them.

And a big shout out to Jason for " upgrading the farm!" Not enough can be said about the fancy, nicely fitting, latching door. Especially after day 2 when it got a lever to be able to unlock it from the inside--no crawling through the tiny chicken hatch required on day 2. Thanks, boys, for doing the honors on day 1.