Monday, November 23, 2009

Locked Out

I stepped outside to let the dog in the gate. I don't think I even shut the door. Jackson shut it, then stood on tiptoe to turn the deadbolt. So there I was, standing outside in the dark talking to a 2 year old through the door and begging him to unlock it. He suggested I use my key. So I pointed to the hook by the door where the keys hung.
Jackson went to the kitchen to get the high chair he's using as a surrogate stool (his real stool was hidden.). He then started moving the pile of clutter away from the corner. I thought he'd determined it was in the way of getting the chair to the door. Nope, he was going to use the high chair to get my keys from the hook. Don't know how he planned to get them through the door.
I walked over below the deck to get the emergency keys out. Unfortunately, its too dark to dial in the combination. So, I was back to trying to coax Jackson into unlocking the door.
I finally convinced him to turn the lock. I think he tried to turn it further in the same direction that locked it. It took another 5 minutes for Jack to get the door unlocked.
Now I'm grateful to be back inside. Unfortunately, I no longer have time to run to the farmstand to get our turkey. Oh well.