Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Visitors

Nicole, Ben, and Carolyn came up this weekend. We went to the baby stores so Nicole could finish registering. Did I mention she's expecting a little girl in December? See details here:

Our guests came bringing toys. A stuffed Plankton beanie baby from Ben, and a couple of books with juggling puppies from Carolyn. Both were hits.

This morning, I went upstairs and left Jack with Carolyn and Nicole. After I left, He said, "Where Mom?" After hearing that I had gone upstairs, he ran for the pantry. When Nicole and Carolyn got there, he was holding a bag of chips and scanning the shelves said, "Mom gone, find some candy!"

Jackson was all over Ben this weekend. He kept asking, "Where Ben", and had a complete meltdown when they left today. He wouldn't give them smoochies goodbye because he thought they would have to stay if he refused. :(

The meltdown signaled nap time. I took Jack for a drive around the neighborhood to get him started, then laid down with him. We slept 'til 8:30. Not so good for bed time, but it was a badly needed snooze.