Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beach (Grandma Pat comes to visit)

Jackson's Grandma Pat and Uncle PJ came to visit over the weekend. Unfortunately, Grandpa Bill couldn't make the trip. While they were here, we took Jackson for his first trip to the beach (not just the rocky shore). We went to Hammonasset State Park in Madison. It's one of the few sandy beaches in the state. The crabs are molting, and there were little crab shells washed up along the beach. Beyond the beach, the roses were blooming, and the air had a wonderful frangrance of ocean breeze and rose.

Jackson was dosed with kiddy sunscreen (very sticky stuff, which gives his skin extra luminescent from the titanium dioxide). This was also his first day wearing his sunglasses. They're a little big and slide down his nose, but he didn't fight it.

I ignored his Daddy's protests about the cold and let Jackson experience the sand in his toes and the waves. When the waves came up, Jackson would let out little gasps of surprise, and I'd help his jump up away from the water. As the water receeded and carried the sand away from his feet, his little toes would curl up. We tried to make a path of babes footprints in the sand, but he's just not heavy enough to leave tracks yet. We'll save that for another day.

This is Jackson exhausted at the end of the day and after 3 outfit changes.

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  1. And you kids are right - this is the cutest little boy on earth today. I would know - I'm his Grandma. We had such a good time visiting and I need to plan my next trip to COnnecticut. You "kids" have certainly transformed into wonderful parents. God bless you every day!