Sunday, June 3, 2007

Feats of Strength

Jackson has a few new tricks. He wants to be mobile. I'm trying to humor him, but I do not want this to happen anytime soon! He's too young, they don't make knee pads that small, we haven't child proofed, so many reasons for him to stay stationary. So far, these are his skills:

I mentioned rolling over previously. He hasn't showcased this since. But he's moved on to other feats of strength. First, there's the little baby push ups. Then there's standing with his parents holding him loosely for balance--no, not for support--balance. And then there's scooting. He hates "tummy time" no longer. OK, he still hates it, but he does like to scoot. He wants to push with his legs. He hasn't figured out how to dig his toes into the ground. Instead, he'd like you to put your hands against his feet so he can push against them. While his legs push, he grabs the blanket with his tiny little fists, and pulls. Doing this, he can gains some serious ground. While we play this game, he grunts like a body builder, and his little toes become all fuzzy from the blanket lint. In the photo, he just looks mad, but trust me, he's traveled 3 feet.

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