Friday, May 18, 2007

View from above

This is the view I have almost all day long every day. Look how sweet and precious my baby is. It's a joy to look down on him and see his little face. It's also frustrating to have 2 months off from work, a whole list of projects to work on, and to be unable to do anything because I have a 1 foot protrusion on the front of me, and my arms aren't long enough to reach anything. I can't even wash my hands effectively because the faucet is too far away to reach both hands under it at the same time. No, I can't put Jackson down. He'll cry, yes, even in the swing. But it could be worse. If I ever have any doubts, my mom can go on and on about what a needy baby I was. She had to carry me (no good quality carriers in the 70's) all day everyday. And it was either stand up and move around, or sit in the rocking chair and rock. Atleast with Jackson, I can strap him in and have both hands free, and although he prefers that I stay in motion, preferably climbing up and down the stairs, I can sit down with him. I'm sitting now, and he's peacefully sleeping on my lap. But for the most part, we get through the day with my walking around the house with him. This next photo is my dog, Mabel. She's also needy, and jealous that she's not getting much attention since I'm packing my infant around. She follows us everwhere, and tries to anticipate my every move. So I pace the house with a baby strapped to my front and a dog close behind, and running up ahead of my every step. And lunchtime adds another layer, the plate of food help at shoulder level so I hopefully can avoid whacking my precious cargo in the head. Plus another layer, my other dog, Ally the beagle. She's not so dependent, but food is her whole world and a tremendous motivational tool (In the photo, she's climbed 2 feet up to sit on the second shelf and guard the dogfood). So, I pace the house with an infant strapped to my chest, a plate held aloft in one hand, fork in the other, Coonhound following me, and beagle following my plate. I'm told this is the best time I'll ever have with my child, and that now is the time to really bond with him since we're together constantly. Well, they're right that these are good times, and I really love looking at my sweet little baby, but its just gotta get better.

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  1. Does it just get frustrating that it takes hours--sometimes all day--to get one little thing done. And every time Ethan cried, Tim always thought it was because he was hungry, and I'd insist that I had JUST fed him, then realize that it was indeed time for him to eat AGAIN. It's exhausting. Try to go out for coffee or a drink or something on your own or with friends. It's therapeutic. Or go to the mall and push Jackson around--I always felt more normal after doing that. And Ethan could sleep longer that way too.
    Great seeing all your updates. Jackson is so very cute. You are blessed!