Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mom's meetings.

Tuesdays the hospital sponsors meetings for new mothers. I've never been to a support group, but I imagine they're like this. We start by going around, introducing ourselves and our babies, saying how long we've living as mothers, and telling one thing about ourselves. Once that is over, we're free to discuss the babies, and give out tips on how we got through it, or ask for advice.

It's fantastic! Everyone dishes on their babies rashes, which pediatricians to see (or not), what baby gear is worth it and where to get it, how almost no one really puts her baby to sleep alone and on their backs. We can weigh the chunks (Jackson weighed in at 12lb 6oz today. Even subtracting 4oz for the clothes on his back--size 3-6 months now--my 1 month old is a BEEFCAKE). The lactation consulting is available. And I get to see what my baby might look like and be able to accomplish at 4 or 10 months. New moms, go to these meetings at your local hospital. When I return to the real world, I'm going to have to ditch my important work meetings so that I can keep coming, even if I can't bring Jackson with me.

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