Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rolling over.

Babies aren't supposed to be able to roll over at birth. But Jackson had initiated a pretty rigorous calisthenics workout in the womb. You could see his limbs lurching all over the place. It kept me distracted for hours everyday. Even some of my coworkers were distracted by it. All of those excercises resulted in a freakishly strong baby who lifts his head up high and has jaws of steel! So anyway (a shout out to Ted and keeping on topic). At about a week old, Jackson was sleeping on my chest and hurled his weight to the side, rolling over in the process. I don't think that really counts as rolling over because he had the advantage of elevation, slope and gravity. But yesterday, we were taking a nap, and I got up and left him. He ended up on his belly. So I was keeping a close eye on him since belly sleeping is now a big no-no. But I looked away, and when I returned my gaze, he was on his back. I think this counts as rolling over. There's no video, and no eye witness, and probably no intent, but I'm counting this one as a milestone.

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