Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scratch & Dent Sales

This is going to seem a bit cynical and insensitive, but I'm posting anyway, it's funny damnit! I was visiting my neighbor a few weeks ago. Her friend was visiting and wanted to get her newborn baby fix, maybe sniff up some of his milky essence when I wasn't looking. My neighbor has just taken on the responsibility of fostering a four year old. He's cute, but he's not an easy case. She took him from what had been the States residence of last resort. We were talking about this and the other children she had fostered in the past, and the boys her friend had fostered and adopted. Aparently, those boys used to erupt in obscenities when they were out in public. She wanted to wear a T-shirt to the effect that it wasn't her fault. So we were discussing the challenges of adopting an older child vs those of a newborn, including the birth. I mentioned how the foster system was like getting your family from the scratch and dent store, and how much work it is to refinish them.

There's not much more to be said about that. I feel I'm permitted to write about the "scratch and dent" kids since my neighbor and her friend think its so funny. Also, there's a place reserved in heaven for my neighbor. Her doors are wide open for the needy, be they human or animal.

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  1. I don't know think that sounds insensitive. Besides, it's like the rest of us are trying to "stain" (maybe a bad choice of words for those of use who have little ones in diapers) unfinished furniture, but none of us really knows how, anyway. I can't imagine trying to mold a foster child. Talk about commitment!