Friday, May 18, 2007

This is how Jackson's dad dresses him to go out. Well, OK he sent us to the new Mom's meeting wearing the "Automatic Sprinkler" onesie. This particular one says "Hello-oo-o Ladies". Yes, that's right, "Hello-oo-o Ladies". He said this was for Jackson's uncles to take him to the park and use him as a chick magnet. Babies are even better chick magnets than dogs, and with a catchy onesie like this, who could resist. I guess he has a point, except Jackson's uncles live 2500 miles away, so who here will be using him as a chick magnet?

We have another one, "Beefcake" "BEEFCAKE". It's a little bigger, so when Jackson grows a few more baby chins we can put him in a blue and yellow hat and send him out with it. Too bad we already have that supercute bear costume for Halloween, cuz this giant baby would make a great Cartman.

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