Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fishing Part Deux

After another afternoon casting about the backyard, Jackson had pretty well mastered accomplished the necessary steps, and Jason took him to the pond.  Here are the pictures of the day.  I wasn't there, so I can't comment much.

Jason loaded Jackson's line up with some heavy fish lures.  No hooks or sinkers in the interest of safety.  His first day out on the water, Jackson could've sunk a hook into anything including his cheek.  Turns out there wasn't much need to worry.  The 2 practice days of casting in the yard were sufficient, and Jack was like an old pro.

Fish on!  Jack didn't have a hook, so Jason really caught this one, but Jack did help real him in.  It's a nice big Northern Pike for his first fish.  Nice Job!

I had to add in this picture.  It's the first time Jackson held Jonah.  He had gotten bored of casting the line in the yard, and wanted to watch me.  I was sitting in the canoe with Jonah, so Jackson offered to hold Jonah while I fished.  By the time Jason got there with the camera, he had changed his mind, but we managed to get a shot.  And yes, we noted the irony of doing two water activities, fishing and canoeing, in the dry yard.

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  1. The pictures of the boys are great! I love the joy on Jackson's face. Jonah is a cute little chunky baby. I wish I could hold him!