Saturday, May 1, 2010

gDiapers: a review

We acquired a set of gDiapers, and today was the day to try them out. They bill themselves as a hybrid between cloth and disposables giving you the best of both worlds.  They have cloth covers, and a nylon (waterproof) snap in piece that holds a cellulose based flushable liner (now available in reusable cloth).  The idea is that you pull out the flushable liner, swish it in the toilet and flush, then wash the rest with your regular laundry.  The liners are completely biodegradable, and they suggest composting wet ones instead of flushing.  I wouldn't recommend that unless the compost is for flowers only, not for food.

In my test, the diapers worked well.  I would say as effective as disposables.  We had one minor leak out the leg, which might have been due to operator error since I intentionally put the diaper on backward (they velcro in back, and I thought it was inconvenient).  There were some much juicier diaper changes later which didn't leak, and likely would have blown out the back with 'sposies.

The diapers look pretty comfy. The cloth is stretchy around the legs and waist.  I don't think pooh could travel far up the back because of the nice waistband, even if it did try to escape.  It velcros in back so baby fingers can't pull them off, but this isn't a problem until the baby becomes a toddler. The back velcro is somewhat awkward at first. The diaper in the photo is on backward quite by accident, but no leaks that time.

I also give the diapers points for cuteness.

I opted not to swish the liners since we have a septic system, so I just separated it into the trash.  This is my complaint with the diapers.  I think if I'm gonna go cloth, I should just do cloth and save myself the trouble of dismantling a gooey mess.  I think the cloth inserts might make more sense for my application.  Maybe I'll try putting a cloth doubler in instead of the disposable liner.  If I do, I'll let you know how that goes. 

If any of you are interested in trying the gdiapers yourself, I could pass them along.  I have 7 covers, and 75 liners in size small (8-14 lbs).


  1. Sheree, thank you SO much for posting! I have been dying to try cloth again and I think these just may be the winning diaper for me. I figure Abric still has 1+ years before he is potty trained, so it would still be a good investment. I found a starter kit on Amazon to try it out. Thank you so much for posting! :)
    And lets just face it, cloth diaper bums are just sooo much cuter!

  2. I liked the ones I tried - I loved the colors and it was definitely convenient to break them up in the toilet and flush them away. I wish cost (and laziness) hadn't been a factor, otherwise, I would have been more diligent about ordering refills.

  3. Follow-up. I tried these with cloth liners from my BumGenius. Big thumbs up!