Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy One Month Day, Jonah

Today is Jonah's One Month Day.  Jonah celebrated by pooping through 3 outfits in between naps.  The rest of us celebrated by grilling.  The rest of the world celebrated with fajitas and tequila, it is Cinco de Mayo after all. The Earth celebrated by sending out the first of the season's fireflies.

I should've put my little boy on the scale yesterday when I had a chance to see just how much he's grown.  Since I didn't, I just have the stats from last week.  9 lb 10 oz (Look how chubby he is already! That's up almost 2 lbs from birth) and 22 inches.  Up a fabulous 2 3/4 inches (a reminder that the stretch the baby on a piece of paper method is very inaccurate).

Jonah is for the most part an easy baby.  I take him to mom's group, and the other mothers of newborns marvel at how easy going he is.  He sleeps for 3 hour stretches, is willing to sleep in his bed.  Cries only to eat or burp.  When he's awake, the eating and burping are constant--every 20-30 minutes for 2-3 hours in the morning and evening.  This makes it difficult to get the rest of the household fed and dressed.  Fortunately Jackson has been a good sport about it.  At first he was very nervous about the crying and would get upset himself.  Now he's taking it in stride.  If I'm right there, he will ask "Mom, why is Jonah crying?"  and if I've stepped away, he comes to find me and tell me "Mom, Jonah is crying!"

 In some ways, he is also a difficult baby.  The need to eat so frequently am and pm is hard to comply with.  Jonah has also decided not to take artificial nipples--no pacifier, and no bottle.  I'm somewhat envious of the people I know with toddlers who won't give up the binky, it sure would be nice to let the little guy suck himself to sleep.  I don't know what he's going to do in 4 weeks when I have to go back to work.  I got a couple of different types of bottles to try, and hopefully he'll accept one of them and not starve to death.

This picture is totally staged.  Jack was coerced into letting Jonah lean against him, and coached into putting his arm around him and holding his head up.  Jack is actually laughing at Sponge Bob on TV.  It turned out to be a great picture, though. 

Happy One Month Day, Little Jonah.


  1. "Jonah celebrated by pooping through 3 outfits in between naps. " ROFL!!! So funny!
    Such sweet pictures! And thank you for posting him in the snuggly muslin blanket. I hope you/he likes it. :)
    I think I may have to make another onesie with a much smaller rocket ship! It looks ginormous on his little belly. :)
    Smell his little neck for me, because that is where tiny babies smell the best. :)

  2. Sweet boys! Jonah is growing so quickly, I can't believe it's already been a month. I'm sorry you have to go back to work soon.

  3. VERY CUTE PICTURES. Glad Jackson is adjusting well. I love the pic of both of them together.

    Kate didn't take a binky until she was 4 months, and it made all the difference in the world when she finally did, so I feel your pain. Then she was done with it by about 14 months.