Saturday, June 5, 2010


Accomplished today:
breakfast lunch and dinner-all eaten by Jack
put Jonah "down" for his naps
homemade chocolate syrup 1/2 gallon
mocha frappacino
planted: 21 tomatoes, 2 eggplants, 31 peppers, basil seeds.
Sewed 9 pair of nursing pads
bathed 1.5 kids (Jason did the other 1/2)
unclogged 1 tub, reassembled, and cleaned
snuggled with husband
watched Toy Story 3 times
published 1 pic to facebook
posted to blog
2 loads of laundry

maybe I've finally figured this 2 kid thing out. More likely got incredibly lucky!

Happy 2 month day, Jonah. Thank you for being so charming and such a cooperative sleeper.


  1. I love days like that! When you actually are able to get things accomplished! Great job, momma! :)

  2. Wow. I love when days work out like that! I'm still trying to figure out why some days are so amazingly productive and others are like 9 steps backwards??? Great job on being so fabulous. :) Wish I could come visit!

  3. Also, I still think of you every time I shave my armpits (so at least every other month. . . ha ha ha). Picture me waving at you with ONLY half an inch of arm hair showing. . . it cracks me up that that was my defense when you retold the story saying my arm hairs were an inch long. Like it makes it any better that they were only an odd centimeter or so. Okay, I've gotten much better about it. Remember that I lived in Moab, for heaven's sake. Some girls had never shaved ever.

  4. I was getting on here to request the chocolate syrup recipe and found a journal log about armpit hair. Kristin, you crack me up!!! :) I'll have to ask Amanda (my sil) about the Moab-armpit hair relation.
    BTW, Sheree, I'm curious about the nursing pads (not that we are planning a baby or anything) but I've been looking to sew some diapers and was wondering if you have ever taken on the challenge.