Monday, February 1, 2010

Questions about the baby.

For the last few months, Jackson has been patting my belly and asking questions about the baby.  Questions like, "You got a baby in you belly?" "Why is it so big?"  "When is the baby goin come out?" "Is it a brother or a sisser?...No, it a sisser."  Sometimes he pats up a little bit high, so I explained how those are going to make milk for the baby.  Now, sometimes he pats up a little high and says "And these will make milk for the baby to eat?"

This morning, we had the following exchange:

"Does your baby cry?"

"No" Jackson looks at me incredulously.  Guess someone told him that all babies cry.

"Well, maybe.  But we can't hear him through my belly."  Incredulous look continues.

I thought for a moment about how to explain it to him.  Telling him my belly was full of water, not air and the baby wouldn't breathe until he was born seemed like it would be a little bit much to comprehend.  Ditto on explaining wave theory.

So, I went with: "Sound makes a vibration that travels through the air.  You can't hear the baby if he tries to cry through my belly because the sound can't get out.  See how you can hear me when I talk like this" then grabbing a big wad of fuzzy blanket and putting it in front of my face, "But if I put the blanket over my mouth, you can't hear me anymore?"

Then Jackson grabbed a little handful of blanket, put it in front of his mouth so the corners of his mouth were still free, and said "mah mah mah.mah mah".

He grabbed another tiny handful of blanket, put it barely in front of his lips, and said "I'm thinking we need some breakfast."  Then we went downstairs to the kitchen.


  1. I love it. Next up, a lecture on psychoacoustics.

  2. What a great inquisitive kid you have.

  3. I remember all my boys used to think that the baby was somewhere a little north of my belly. :) They used to pat that instead of my actual belly.
    That Jackson is such a little smarty-pants!