Monday, February 15, 2010

Catching up on the holidays--Halloween

This Halloween, I thought I could just try to put Jackson in his dinosaur costume from last Halloween.  Around mid-October, I was in Target with Nicole who was trying to show me an adorable chicken costume for wee ones.  We didn't see the chicken costume, but Jackson spotted the Elmo.  We weren't even out of the store before he was wearing it.

We had a great time trick or treating--Jackson was into it after the first house.  He would walk slowly up the driveway, say Trick or Treat before the bell was rung or the door was opened, collect handful after handful of candy (on account of his amazing cuteness), then whisper "Ank you" after the door closed and he was 1/2 way down the walk.  At the middle of the driveway, he would shout, "We need get some more candy!" and we'd walk to the next house.

Someone in the neighborhood stages a haunted house in their garage complete with a cardboard maze, scary music, ghouls and skeletons on pullies, and a strobe light.  We went in with Jackson walking cheerfully.  As we traversed the maze, Jack walked more and more slowly.  Eventually he just stopped walking and we had to carry him the rest of the way out.  Our hosts treated him at the end, and he declared it "not so bad" as we walked away.

Driving home, we all had a piece of chocolate from the pumpkin.  Back inside, the pumpkin went on the counter and Jackson got out his stool to help himself to more candy.  The pumpkin journeyed to higher and higher spots in the kitchen, eventually spending the night on top of the refrigerator.    It eventually went on a high shelf in the pantry, with Jackson asking daily for his candy rations (2 pieces).  The pumpkin was much heavier than it should've been for the 20 odd houses we hit (widely spaced country houses, and a still queasy feeling mother).


  1. Found the Elmo costume today and wore it for 10 whole minutes. Did not want to look at himself in the mirror as "Elmo".

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