Friday, February 12, 2010


Just one example of what I'm up against with this almost three year old.

I was sitting by the fire, and Jackson was up his stool scanning the kitchen for something interesting.  He'd already spent a few minutes "washing dishes" and slid the stool down a few feet for some other entertainment.

"Oh, a lemon!"  He grabs out a lemon from the fruit basket (which has been there too long, and is rock hard on the outside, but fine inside) and heads my way chattering. "Mom, we can juice it with a (pause for the right word) thingy, then we can make a lemon pie!  I will help you.  I'm a good helper!"

Me, "We could, but its kinda late to be making a lemon pie."
"It takes a long time to make a pie, and we need to head upstairs for story time."
"But I'm a good helper"

It's five after 8, and I have no desire to make a lemon pie.  We made one a couple weeks ago, and Jackson helped, so I guess I brought this on myself.  But seriously, how can I outright turn down such an enthusiastic offer of help?  I suggested we make lemonade instead.  That boy had the heel of a loaf of bread with butter and chocolate milk for dinner, he could use something from another food group to even things out a bit.

That suggestion was accepted enthusiastically.  So I set to work sawing the lemon in half, picked up a fork and glass, and headed to the table for some help.  We got the lemon juiced without spraying much around the kitchen.  I scooped out the seeds, added water and sugar, and we had our lemonade.

Jackson had the first sip, and immediately blew bubbles through the straw.  So I had to chastise him.  A few minutes later, he blew bubbles again, then quickly apologized.  I chastised him again--out came his sad lower lip, and he said, "but mom, I just trying to say sorry."  So I backpedaled slightly, thanked him for apologizing, reminded him to be careful not to blow any more bubbles, and cheerfully shared the refreshing beverage. 

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