Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jack's New Room (making space for baby 2)

This is Jackson's new room--the room formerly known as Sheree's office. My belongings are now displaced, scattered, and piled about the house. We are working on other adjustments to make the space we have more functional.

For now, Jack is excited to be in his new room. He's bounced on the new bed, which is super fun. He and I share the same phobia of his falling out of it since its at least a foot taller than his old bed. We brought one of his stools up so he could climb up and down more easily.

Playing with "laser" in new robot room.

Oops, I left the camera within child's reach. He likes taking pictures of the floor. This one has blurry feet--bonus!


  1. So when is your baby due?

    I like the print on the valance in Jackson's new room. Did you make those?

  2. Jack's room is awesome. Sorry about your office. :)

  3. Did you say Baby #2? Awesome!! Best wishes!
    Kelly, Kurt, Braeden, and Jamie

  4. Jackson's room is very cute. He is getting so big!