Thursday, January 24, 2008


When I was a baby, the medical professionals were busy telling mothers to eat lots of bland food so as not to offend the baby with pungent flavors. These days, the recommendations have changed (as have so many others). Now they say eat what you love, eat lots of complex, tasty, smelly foods so as to cultivate those tastes in your children. Hurray for me and my peers!! Hurray for Jackson. It's working.

He likes Indian curry. He likes lentil soup. He likes pineapple (something to do with the 1-2 pineapples I ate each week while pregnant?). He also likes mole, argueably the best food ever invented. Last week we had mole--sadly not Blue Iguana, but a passable version from Trader Joe's. Jackson was eating it up!! He ate it and ate it and then made what appeared to be the international sign for "This food is too spicey!". You know, with his mouth open, tongue out, panting. So I gave him a little bite of sour cream. He went back to the mole with gusto, and we repeated. Towards the end, he may have made the connection between the mole and the spice because he refused to eat any more, but he had a good run with it.

Here's a pic post lentil soup. I had to hose him off afterward.

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  1. Hi Sheree- Thanks for the post on our blog. We too are firm believers in feeding Graham whatever we are eating, be it capers or whatever. Hopefully, we won't be eating waffles and peanut butter when they're 2.