Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Jackson has found a new game. The other day, I was picking meat from a chicken so of course, I had my loyal beagle at my heels. Jackson was in his walker in the kitchen. Since he loves the puppies, he walked over to her. Ally is very wary of the baby, she scampered across the room. Ally wouldn't leave though. Food is her primary motivator, so she wanted to stay nearby. Jack spent the next 20 minutes or so chasing Ally around the kitchen.
Tonight, he's down on the floor, making laps up and down the hallway in pursuit of my coonhound, Mabel. She won't go too far away since her greatest source of pleasure is being near me.
I think Jackson is more excited by the pursuit than by actually getting to pet a puppy. Mabel is less excited.

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  1. Oh, Sheree, that is so cute! I wish you had a video of it! I bet Jackson was LOVING it! I'm sure he loves the new freedom of being in a walker, too.