Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's Resolution??

Borrowing Jackson's blog for a plug for the Utah kids. Since this is the time of year when about 1/2 of the nation is resolving to lose weight/get in shape, I thought some of you would be in the market for a fitness video. Try one of these.
They are from my friend, Amy Dixon. She's the fitness editor for Women's Health Magazine. I haven't tried them, but so far the reviews have been very positive, and looking at Amy's pictures, its pretty obvious that the program works. The girl is in phenomenal shape! (For anyone, and when you consider that she has 2 children under the age of 4...)
I will say now that I was pretty skeptical when I heard that Amy was quitting her Master's Program because she wanted to be a celebrity trainer, and wanted to focus on that. Coupled with her husband Jeff, who had just started film school, well, I thought the 2 of them were nuts! They were definitely dreamers. After a decade of hard work, their dreams are coming true. For his part, Jeff is working on 2 screen plays (currently on hiatus for the writers strike) and a graphic novel. He also made the cover of Variety Magazine a few months back.
Congratulations to both of them!!
Also, Amy was on The Today Show this morning. You can see her bit here Want a new you for the new year?


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  2. Ummmmm, what is that? Spam on blogger? Nice. I had comments set up to do the word verification for a while when I was getting some of that spam.
    Anyway, I was going to say that I saw that Today Show episode with your friend! Did you know her from college? How cool!

  3. Hey there, this is Jeff. Thanks so much for your kind words about us dreamers. You're too kind. Just a little note though... While all the info about Amy is 100% correct, I was actually on the cover of Variety, not Vanity Fair. I'm SO not that cool to be on Vanity Fair. They reserve that space for Angelina Jolie or some douche like Larry Burkhead. Anyway, thanks again for the plugs. Take care.

  4. Ahh man. I had Variety in my head when I typed it, and corrected myself. It's fixed now.