Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Boy

When I look at Jackson these days, I no longer see a baby. I see a little boy. So he can't talk or walk yet, but he's developed so much of a personality that he's no longer really an infant, jabbering and pulling faces and up on his feet. Now, when something happens that he doesn't like (a diaper change or bedtime for example) he goes on and on as if he's listing off all of the injustices that have occurred to him through the day. In order to better convey the message, he sticks both of his lips out like a duck while he complains.
He also has very distinct character traits. He's funny and makes up silly games. I have no idea what the point of these games are, but I play along anyway. He also is developing a bit of a temper and a lack of patience. It's so funny to watch his miniature temper tantrums develop because we take things like cords away from him.
I've been telecommuting all week since Jason has been working overnights. Jackson is hanging out with me all day. He's spent a fair amount of that time standing in the corner pulling CD after CD from the shelf. So many that I had to pile them to the side because he kept falling over on them. Today, I looked over, and he wasn't even holding on to anything. He was just standing there, then he slow-motion lowered himself to the ground to sit.
We've also been working on naming the most important things in his life--his parents. I tried to set him down this afternoon. He immediately pulled up on my legs and said ma-ma-ma-ma. I really think he meant it this time.
ps. He has enough hair to show up in the photo!!!

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