Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Things Jackson Likes:

Rubbing his face when he's tired, either with his tiny little dimpled fists, or if he's on his belly, back and forth against the bed.

Standing up. Especially if he can try to take little baby steps and a) dig his feet into his parents soft spots or b) curl his toes into his daddy's chest hair and pull.

Having his hands clapped together and shouting, "Yeahhhh". Also having his fists pounded on his chest tarzan style, playing his belly like the tympani, putting his hands against his face and saying "Oh, No" Home Alone style.

All-i-gator kisses. Or his mommy's hair when she kisses him and he's lying on his back.

Watching his crib mobile (why can't it spin for more than 3 minutes?)

Watching the turtles, goldfish, and bubbles.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially accompanied by the media player wavey lines on the computer.

Reading the following: His little softy farm animal books (Thanks Nana), Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (numbers or alphabet), The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

Chewing on his burp clothes.

Feeling the fur of his little stuffed elephant and pulling its many limbs when he's falling asleep.

Being packed around EVERYWHERE by his parents.

Playing peek-a-boo, especially with the strings on the "fuzzy" blanket Spring made for him.

Playing with the Pentapuss and the mirror on his Gymini (Thanks Catherine).

Saying "Whoooooooo Whooooooo" and sucking on his bottom lip.

Kicking his feet against his ankles when he lies on his belly. This is almost as good as having something real to push against and travel across the room.

Splashing in the tub.

Having his little toes or fingers counted.

Sleeping snuggled against his parents chests.

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  1. What an adorable comment. Those are the little things that you always forget as your baby grows up. I'm sure you'll love to go back and read this post in a year!