Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Jackson isn't much of a roller. He had the one accident feat of strength at 2 weeks when he rolled from front to back. Since then, if he doesn't like the position he's in, he grumbles about it, and kicks, but no rolling. Lately, his peers have been roling and blogging about it. We watched Marika and Braeden's videos several times for technique, but still no rolling.

Jackson has a different game. Often when he's lying on his back, he'll become interested in something to the side. He'll turm slowly to the side to look at his parents, play with his elephant, or chew his burp cloth. Often, he brings his legs along for the ride and then lies on his side for a while chewing or chatting. Occasionally, he lands on his belly. This is great, but its hard to get too excited about. The drama of rocking and lunging just isn't there. It's slow and methodical--the whole process can take 10 minutes or more--but it doesn't seem deliberate.

Sunday, we were playing on his bedroom floor. I ran downstairs to open the door for the dogs, and when I returned, Jackson had moved 2 feet to the right and was lying face down complaining about it. I think this one counts as an intentional roll, but again, there were no witnesses. I turned him back over and encouraged a repeat, but I didn't get one.

The slow roll is adorable, though!

Around Jackson's neck is his new Baltic amber necklace. Apparently, all the Baltic Babes wear amber necklaces to ease their teething woes. They claim the resin releases succinic acid onto the skin which is absorbed and acts as a natural analgesic. The baby at the baby store wears one. The staff all swears that he was a huge drooling and the amber completely stopped it. I don't think Jackson's teething yet, but he is becoming drooley. The necklace also helps to differentiate his neck from his extra chins. If I find it helps when the teething really starts, I will certainly post.

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