Friday, August 24, 2007

Sunday Morning Walk

Last week we also went out for a little hike along our property and the adjacent, incredibly accessible but less often used trail. We took advantage of our 'new' Kelty pack (purchased for $20 from the bulletin board at work). Jackson really likes the pack. He looks out over the side and sucks on the edge until the gentle rocking lolls him to sleep. Jason uses it to vacuum with tremendous success. So anyway...(shout out to Ted). We set out cutting back through the woods and saw a little bitty snake. I'm out of practice and didn't have the field guides, so I didn't identify it. Leon, if you see this pic, feel free to set us straight. Anyway, we couldn't help but harass the wildlife a little.

There's a significant elevation difference between our house (on a little berm) and the trail (mostly level). Where the terrain meets, we crossed over to the trail. It was a perfect day, and its really a perfect trail. They just regraveled it this spring and the trees meet overhead, so its shaded. We crossed over to the powerline right of way when we reached it to take advantage of the uphill. There were some ripe blackberries along the trail to enjoy. On the way down, our lazy beagle, Ally, was too tired, and found a little shady spot to rest, so we all took a nice break.

After we returned home, we sat out in the front yard, watched the chickens, and enjoyed the day. Jackson has taken a real interest in the animals. He watches them whenever they come close, so you know, whenever he's with me since the menagerie follows me around. Mabel and Ally tolerate an occasional baby pet. Mabel especially since she's an attention hound. I've discovered that his interest in the animals is a very effective cat repellant. Here's a pic of him reaching for the dog after our hike.


  1. Looks like a nice hike, and what a STEAL on the baby carrier! We payed a lot more on ebay for one, that wasn't brand name and didn't have a shade cover.

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