Sunday, September 28, 2008


I don't have much time for extemporation, but I want to share some of the summer highlights captured on film:
Chillin in Daddy's hat.
Tony's pool

Huffing Playdough

At the park with AJ. Jack would only get in this ridiculously large swing. He was pleased. AJ was, too. He agreed that Jackson looked out of sorts.

At the beach with Nicole & Ben

Safety 1st--Gotta use ear protection
Jason's Dad came out for a surprise visit a few weeks ago. We went to see the covered bridge in Colchester. Jack practiced throwing rocks.

Loving the carousel. This was a fun picture to take. Everytime we came around and neared Jason, I put my hands on either side of Jackson's head and turned it clockwise so that he'd be looking at Jason when we passed. We have a dozen attempts to get this. Some of them show the backs of our heads as we go by, or the horse is high and Jackson's head obliterates most of mine, or whatever. This is the only good one.
Mystic Aquarium. Jackson liked the pengiuns and the Beluga Whales.


  1. That pic of Jackson in the swing is the best. I cannot stop laughing. He is so funny. You gotta love that little personality of his.