Monday, September 8, 2008

Brief Stories

This one is for Nicole--Tonight, I was patiently waiting for Jackson to finish his game of climbing onto and slipping off of his chair. I opted to pass the time by flossing. I answered Jackson's interested pointed and exclamations of, "uh-uh" by handing him a piece of floss. He put it right to use, and after a minute of copying me, sat down in my lap. We flossed together.

[I apologize for any embarrassment this story may cause future Jackson.] A few weeks ago, Jackson started whining and grabbing his diaper. I assumed he had acquired another painful diaper rash due to our negligence (or permissiveness) with berries, which he has a reaction to. I rushed him in to change the diaper, and found a clean diaper. It had been concealing an erection. Apparently, these have become uncomfortable or atleast disconcerting to my child--and also frequent.

We went to the fair this weekend. I didn't bring the camera in my haste, and it wasn't worth going back for since it would just be the 2 of us, and difficult to take pictures. I chose to take a stroller in case the long ride in the sling was too much and incase Jack stepped in some ickiness that I didn't want to carry close to my person. I should've left the stroller. I either let Jack walk or slung him. And when slung, he wanted to help push the stroller, so he was bent over at a weird/awkward angle. Jack's highlights: Baby chicks, animal food (hay and rabbit pellets), watching the big kid rides, pushing the stroller (from the sling, or on the ground), and the carousal.

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