Saturday, March 8, 2008

A bit of luck

Yesterday, a man at the bank inquired about the mileage I get with my car. I told him "mid-50's". He said, "Ooohh. You're sooo lucky!"

It's really not a matter of luck, though, is it? It's more a matter of choice, and perhaps making that choice 5 years ago, before it became a necessity.

Anyway, I'm taking some space to rave about my car and how much I love it! A year ago, I was soo bummed about having to sell it and get a "family car" instead. You know, one that I could actually strap a carseat into the bagseat. (Doing so would require a backseat.) The one piece of luck I had was finally going into labor the day I was supposed to sell it. Then having Jason drive it for 2 months while I was home with my little munchkin. During that time, Jason drove it like a video game, become a hyper-miler . After 2 weeks, he insisted we not sell it. Of course I agreed. Now, I drive it to work, and hand the keys off the Jason for an evening trip to work. Whoever is in charge of the little one keeps the other car.

All the time, I hear people talking about their cars. Someone always asks how they do on mileage, and they always say, "Pretty good. Like 28". In what world is 28 mpg good?!

Did I mention I LOVE my car?


  1. I always thought you had the coolest looking car. =D When I grow up, I want to have a hybrid just like you.

  2. One word: awesome.

    I always tell people I have a friend with a Honda Insight. Most people don't know what that is, but that's OK. They get the gist: I have a friend who is futuristic and with-it.