Thursday, May 7, 2009

25 things...

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about those about me lists that circulate periodically. I had the idea that "25 things rattling around in the bottom of my bag would be more interesting than "25 things I wrote prose on as a 9 year old". I'd been planning to document the removal of 15 lbs of coin and rubbish from my purse. Then I went ahead and cleaned it out to find a Dr's appt card--opportunity missed.

A new opportunity has arisen. I offer you "25 things rattling around in the bottom of Jackson's bag".

1-cardboard center from the paper towels. We call it a "Doot-do-dooo" since that's what we shout into one end.
2-plastic jar repurposed to hold 3-4.
3-the velcro wooden food and
4-wooden knife. A gift from Nana for Jackson to chop. Current fruit pairs are lemon-lemon, pear top-orange bottom, orange top-mushroom stem, mushroom top-lime bottom.
5-gift bag from Beth & AJ. holding items 6-8
6-sand toys sans pail
7-scented jar candle. holds item 8
9-black CD case. contains item 10.
10-red and black child sized sunglasses.
11-three gum containers. Opens 3 ways. (Jess, Jackson was thrilled when I brought these home!)
12-two more sand tools. funnel on a stick and corner castle mold
14-cup without the sippy top
15-two pens
16-large plastic egg. holding smaller plastic egg.
17-lego 1/2 arch
18-clear plastic bra strap
19-another penny
20-post-it pad
22-three more legos

And removed from the bag before this post:

23-two child's plates. One containing 24
24-a fried egg, cut into bite sized pieces
25-tiny green Vera Bradley bag. (Jack wore this for days on his shoulder, packing it with odds and ends and calling it his "Purrr". He was even sleeping with it on his arm.)


  1. And if he keeps carrying his "purr", I'm going to get him something distinctly manly to offset it. I'm thinking: dirtbike, 12 guage, or a new circular saw. (Jason) ;-)

  2. You're powerless. Where's the chainsaw you got for him?

  3. One vote for the shotgun. Check.

  4. That is some bag you've got there. The biggest I ever wanted to carry was a little backpack purse thing. I still use it as my purse. Surprisingly I can still fit treats and drinks for all four kids in it for a day on the town.

  5. What an adorable little boy! Dylan has his own pink stroller, a purse, and loves wearing his sisters "cutie shoes" (metallic purple shoes) so, Brad is also voting for shotgun next... =0)