Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cleaning Up

We are having more difficulty than ever siphoning the hair balls from our floors. Jackson has developed a fear of the vacuum when its on. Last time I tried to vacuum, he fled, crying, and I found him tangled up in my closet with his feet stuck in the upturned glider footstool. When Jason turned on the vacuum downstairs, Jack disappeared. He found him upstairs in the furthest corner of the house.

Strangely, Jackson's current object of affection is the vacuum--the giant oversized orange shop vacuum (as long as its switched off). He pushes the canister around the hallway. He has the extra lengths of hose with him as he toddles around. This piece is 3 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. So he struggles with each step. If he holds it horizontal, its very difficult to get through doorways and around furniture. If he holds it vertically, it jams against the floor. It's also a struggle to pick him up, because I have to reorient the hose to angle downward.

This is a picture of my boy sleeping after a long day of throwing legos across the room and other small disorderly acts. He now sleeps under the pillow (Jason gets the blame for this one). Oh, and do you see the long black object across the bottom of the picture? That's the vacuum.


  1. Ethan was just wearing that same green shirt tonight. Our boys have great taste.
    Vacuum solution. . . just don't do it.

  2. Jackson looks so grown up! He has really changed. He is so cute....and it sounds like he is a lot of fun. :D

  3. Both of my boys have had a love hate relationship with the vacume as well! Miles still shakes with fear when it is on, but drags it around the house when it is off--go figure!