Friday, October 3, 2008

31 for 21

My friend Helene (her link in the 'friends' column at right) is doing 31 for 21. The idea is that you post everyday for 31 days (October) to spread awareness of Trisomy 21, T21, in otherwords Down's Syndrome. Since my life is time limited, I wasn't going to participate, but after looking into it I saw that the first rule is "There are no rules" and blogging everyday is a "goal", which is like a guideline really. So here I am blogging away.

Helene's friend Tricia has a daughter, Georgia, with T21. She started 31 for 21. I read her abridged life story on her about me, and she seems the type of interesting, creative, engaged person I would like. Actually, when I read it, I thought that she seems like the type of interesting, creative, sophisticated person that Brandon would like, since he once expressed his desire to surround himself with that type of person. With few exceptions, I like the same people. Georgia is just a few months older than Jackson, and she's adorable!

You can join in, too. Just follow the link at the top right of my blog.

Note--my knowledge of T21 is limited. If my idea of spreading the word turns into stealing facts from Helene's blog, rather than googling for my own, I'll ask your's and Helene's forgiveness. Besides, I believe there's just a small overlap between our reader bases, so most of you won't notice. The first stolen idea is that I'll be using a different color to create awareness than to blabber on and on about my own unfolding life history.

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