Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Yesterday was Jackson's 1/2 birthday. I can't believe 6 months has passed already.
It was a beautiful day. The maples are showing a lovely salmon orange, the temperature was an unseasonably wonderful 80 degrees, and we celebrated by going out.
We went to the swapmeet in Mansfield to look for a new scythe. Jason broke the blade on ours. Last year, there were scythe's in every third booth. Now there are none. I suppose that people are scooping them up to hang over their fireplaces.
There was a little park at the swapmeet, so we took Jackson for his first time on a real swing (His baby swing isn't powerful enough to keep his little bum in motion). Jack liked the swing, but he really enjoyed watching other people play on the swings.
After that, we indulged Jason's renewed interest in firearms and hunting (spurred on by the war over peppers and tomatoes we're waging with the deer). We went to the newly opened Cabela's store. It was madness. Packed like a warm summer day at DisneyLand. I guess its as good as DisneyLand to their customer base (Yes, there was definitely a red hue to many napes). The store boasts a tremendous taxidermy collection. I was surprised to see that although the focus was the largest or fiercest animals, they did include a couple of small rodents and birds. I was alarmed to see an elephant on display. I do hope it was either from an estate collection or recovered from a zoo death. Somehow, I doubt that. They included a sign full of Stephen-Colbert-takes-on-Wikipedia-esque truthiness about how the elephant populations have recovered so well that elephant hunts are now allowed.
Today we visited the pediatrician. Jackson weighed in at 21 lb 5 oz and 29 inches (Yes folks, that the size of the "average" 1 year old). He took his shots extremely well, crying less than I do when they bring out the needles.
Happy Birthday, Baby!


  1. Two things!

    First, I hadn't seen that Colbert/Elephant link, but I'm fascinated (and scared?). Also disturbed by the stuffed elephant on display...

    but, second and more importantly: Happy One-Half, Jackson! Very exciting. Looking forward to know more about you, as you begin to be able to tell us more about yourself.

  2. Happy 6 month bday!
    Isn't it crazy how fast 6 months go by when you're not pregnant?

  3. hey Sheree, it's Kristin Garrett (Hyer). Hopefully you don't mind I read your blog! Your life seems to be busy with all the things you've got going on! Kudos continuing the breast feeding while working. I didn't have the patience for it NOT working. Anyhow, good to hear about your life again! Happy 1/2 Jackson, You're such a cutie!