Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's On, Internet

This morning, I came downstairs and found Jackson watching Pokémon on the iPad. Totally normal.

-Mom, Mom! I'm watching this online!

=You're always online. What app are you using?

-No, I'm online. I was playing the Pokémon game, and I clicked something. It brought me to the internet and asked me "3×14=?" Then it let me watch!

So, OK. The battle to keep my kids' Internet habits clean or safe is ON. Honestly, I'm annoyed that the age checker gave him a 2nd grade math problem instead of "How old are you?" Because I think that might've bought me a couple of extra years before he learned that the answer to all difficult questions in the Universe is 42.

I won't be downloading any parental locks. I think it's folly to fight curiosity, and I do oppose sensorship.  I guess we are due a lecture on appropriate Internet viewing. If you have tips, please share.

In the meantime, I'm going to go with 'if you see naked people, close your eyes and hit back-back back-back as fast as possible.'

But perhaps I should send Google a Thank You note for eliminating porn from its search results.

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