Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jonah rolls over

Baby Jonah is already trying to keep up with his big brother. I brought him home from the hospital, set him on the bed on his belly, turned my back, and he rolled over--twice.  Jason saw him do it a week later on the couch. Last night, he was on a roll (ohh, sorry for the pun), but I managed to capture it on film.  Here is my brand newbie 2 1/2 week old baby rolling from front to back:

It's a three step process.
Step 1 (optional): Get Really Mad
Step 2: Lift up giant head and fling it to one side.
Step 3: Allow giant head to pull rest of body over.

And lest you think my bed is sloped giving him some unfair advantage, he goes left!


  1. Wait, wasn't he JUST BORN? That's amazing.

  2. What a strong little guy!!!
    My boys watched the video with me and they were cheering him on, "Roll over Jonah! Rolll over Jonah!" :)