Friday, February 13, 2009

Shameless self-promotion

Jason again. As some of you are aware, I spend a great deal of time at a major home-improvement retailer. It's more like indentured servitude really. I have been questioned at times by customers and employees alike, as to my abilities in the DIY arena. So here are a number of pictures of all the ways I found to torment myself (and my wife) during the ongoing construction of our home

This is the finished kitchen (except for the mess which is ongoing). We put in the cabinets, the floor, and fabricated the countertops)

Granite tile countertops cost us around $400 total (plus a full week of labor)

Nobody asks me to build porches for them after seeing mine, but I think its just fine!

Three days in front of a wet saw gave us this. It is my most favorite part of the house (other than the fact that I can't see people from my house I mean).

Five feet across, all gauged indian slate, and covered with toddler toys these days.

We put in a highly unproductive garden.

We built a chicken coup and took up animal husbandry. It did eventually get a roof.Custom cut slate leaves that are now inset into the hallway floor (and my dreams for months afterwards-never again!).
We went cheap in the two "bedrooms" and used grooved shiplap pine planks. Not the intended use, but they look hot!Pergo in the hall, library, and master bedroom and closet. I wouldn't do it again though. I like the look of real wood (and our bamboo) too much.

And, for better or worse, THIS.


  1. LOL, I love Jackson's shoes. :) Your house is beautiful.....and we totally covet your hen house and chickens.

  2. I love the leaf cut outs in the slate. Your house looks great. Home Depot would be proud. You should do a commerical.

  3. Looks like you saved the best for last. Your house looks good too!
    Pat (Jackson's grandmother)