Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Telecommuting with a Toddler

I'm working from home this week because Jason has to go in days for training. It's going pretty well--all in all. Jackson mostly wanders around taking things out and spreading the chaos. I've been giving his different containers to open and close (his latest favorite thing). Today he spent hours taking the lid off of a baby bottle, and then pouring water from his sippy cup into it. Fortunately I had a towel nearby and he enjoys cleaning up. He's also a) going through a clingy phase (Thank you sling!) and b) very interested in all things computers and telephones.

Imagine me on a conference call with a toddler in my lap running the mouse. I counter by unplugging said mouse. Jackson reinserts the USB device into USB port. (Can I have an "Advanced Motor Skills" please). I gave Jackson his own chair, and there he was, mousing with one hand, scribbling on the paper with his other hand, and breaking away for the occasional cheerio or pull on the sippy cup. I hope its a case of keen observation, and not a preview of a future spent in his parents basement playing World of Warcraft.

Also, Jackson is completely silent until I make a phone call or release the mute button during a conference call. Then the exclamations begin.

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