Monday, July 14, 2008


Hiyah. So sorry for the dry spell here. Those of you checking up on the Coy's know that its been 2 months since I posted anything. The blogcounter just let me know that I've reached a new milestone in the count. I'm sure those figures will have dropped off due to discouragement from lack of posts. What can I say--we were busy, then we were on VACATION, and now we are busy again.

This was Jackson's 2nd trip to Utah to meet his family, and his parents old friends, and this time get a little sun. He also got his first four freckles. I feel a bit guilty on this one. After all, its my responsibility to keep him so covered in zinc oxide based sunscreen that he looks like a mime. I really thought I'd done diligence on this one. On the other hand, his little freckles are really adorable-and this is the only time I'll be able to count them on one hand (knowing his daddy, its the only time I'll be able to count them). I had been under the impression that freckles first dapple the nose, then spread. Guess not. Jack has one on his right temple, his right wrist, his right thigh, and his left knee. They're soo cute!

I really have a lot to say about our trip, but for now a big thanks to our parents for feeding, housing, and entertaining us (and to PJ for graciously sleeping on the couch). Jackson had a great time emptying kitchen cupboards, playing with his uncles and cousins, swimming, and throwing rocks in my mom's pond. I packed him around so much that he actually got sick of being in the sling (that sentiment wore off the second we got home). There are tons of pictures to share, some even feature someone other than Jack! Here are a few teasers. I promise to continue the dialogue soon.

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  1. I love his little freckels! So cute! It was so nice to see you in Utah. =D