Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We really haven't bothered much with shoes for Jackson. We put on socks, which he usually immediately removes. A couple of months ago, I bought him a pair of Robeez knock-offs. But he wasn't very fond of them, and Jason doesn't like them. So, he's been going barefoot all this time. For Nicole's wedding, I brought along shoes. We had a trial run a week before to make sure they were the right size, and Jackson threw a fit!! I guess Jason struggled to get the shoes on for the wedding, but he wore them fine. Now that we're back, he is fascinated with shoes. Well, he has always liked them, but mostly as a snack. He spent the whole week trying on any pair of shoes that was close enough to grab. Over the weekend, I put his shoes on for a test. He was thrilled. He's been wearing the shoes nonstop for 4 days. Yesterday, I came home from work, and he was busy crawling around with his shoes on his feet and one of mine on his arm. He spent the whole afternoon and much of today playing this game.


  1. Hi! Its great to hear from you. Jackson is adorable! I love his new found fascination with shoes. Baby shoes can be evil - I love to buy them for the girls (mabye too much) but they grow out of them so quickly. =) Tell Jason I said hi!

  2. Miles was exactly the same about the shoes! In fact one day I thought he should just wear them to get use to them and he had such a big fit he puked! (Bad mommy) He got use to the shoes and now he carries them around when he is not wearing them and brings them to me to put them on him. Kids are so funny. It is so fun to hear your stories about Jackson.

  3. We would like to wish Mr. Shoe-fetish a happy happy 1st birthday!!!! Love, Brandon, Devi & Jordy