Saturday, July 21, 2007

Three Months

Today is Jackson's 3 month birthday. Hard to believe it was that long ago when we brought Jackson home to the outside world.
We celebrated by joining Sheree's Junior friends for a pool party. Of course, Jackson was the hit of the party! As parents, we appreciate that because it gives us some hands free time. The kids were all having fun playing in the water.
We brought Jackson into the water too. I'm curious about whether or not he'll be able to swim. They have those shows on PBS that show little babies swimming with no training, and I wonder if its really so easy for them. So I pulled on Jack's little swimsuit and brought him into the water. I had no idea that it was going to be soo cold!! Jackson didn't like it. He didn't cry, but I've never seen him stick his little lip out quite so far! I didn't dunk his head under, and I let him go back to his Daddy before too long. I'll have to wait for another day to see if he can swim. I keep thinking I'll bring him into our jacuzzi tub. I think its deep enough, and the temperature is much more pleasant.
Thanks for having us over, Nancy! Hope to get some pic's soon.

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  1. HI! It has been a while- actually a full year since I have seen you. As a grandma of a 16 month your blog is funny, informative and brings back wonderful memories too.
    If you ever return to White Space I will look forward to seeing you again!